The Academy

The Academy Steven Steel Trapp has been placed in an East Coast boarding school for gifted kids by his FBI agent father He soon discovers that there s a clubby element of faculty and upperclassmen that is very se

  • Title: The Academy
  • Author: Ridley Pearson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Steven Steel Trapp has been placed in an East Coast boarding school for gifted kids by his FBI agent father He soon discovers that there s a clubby element of faculty and upperclassmen that is very secretive and protective To his surprise, his friend Kaileigh arrives at the school, and it isn t long before the two realize that this is not your normal prep school.ThereSteven Steel Trapp has been placed in an East Coast boarding school for gifted kids by his FBI agent father He soon discovers that there s a clubby element of faculty and upperclassmen that is very secretive and protective To his surprise, his friend Kaileigh arrives at the school, and it isn t long before the two realize that this is not your normal prep school.There are dark forces at play Foreign agents may have penetrated the school s secrecy and have sleepers in place kids spying on future kid spies Competition and intrigue among the elite faculty threaten security As Steel and Kaileigh are recruited for their first run trying to break a ring of pickpockets in a Boston hotel things go impossibly wrong Betrayal and conspiracy cloud what should have been a straightforward assignment And all too soon, the two find that their very lives are in danger.

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    One thought on “The Academy”

    1. I had no idea one of my favorite authors wrote so many YA books. I got this one by mistake and almost did not read it, but am glad I did.Steven "Steel" Trapp gets himself into some amazing situations through his new prep school, Wynncliff Academy. He also is discovering women in his life, and likes both the excitement of his secret agent activities and the new aspects of his friendship with Kaileigh. More news concerns his total memory of everything he ever sees or hears. Oh, yes, their parents [...]

    2. I loved the overall pacing of this book. It kept me going at all times because I am definitely a fast paced person and it kept me engaged with an already interesting plot and storyline. All of the characters were very diverse and different from one another and yet at the same time they ended up being similar in a way. As I worked my way towards the climaxing of the story it became more and more interesting with many new twists and light shone on the previous blots of mystery. I could also identi [...]

    3. Like the first one, I read it to preview the story for my son. Great book, but it starts to get into a romantic relationship between the main characters, and while they only kiss, and only twice (both times as a cover for spying), I'm just not sure about my eight year old reading the book. He loves the idea of a kid spy, but I just don't think he's ready for the "relationship" concept that the main character of Steel begins to think about when he realizes he likes Kaileigh as more than a friend. [...]

    4. The Academy is a suspenseful book about a teenage boy named Steven "Steel" Trapp. He got his nickname because he can remember everything, which is part of why is is accepted into Wynncliff Academy. Wynncliff academy is an elitist school for gifted children. Steel's father is an FBI agent, which is also part of why he got accepted. Soon Steel and his friend Kaileigh realize that the school is not just a school for gifted children. There is something else going on underneath the bright excitement [...]

    5. The Academy is another recent offering of the classic “kids go to spy school” story. While this is a tried, true, and flogged to death formula, there is much to like about The Academy. Back for a second installment, protagonist Steel Trapp is still the likable, inquisitive trouble magnet that he was in Book One: The Challenge. This time, his photographic memory lands him an invite to attend Wynncliff Academy—an exclusive boarding school for teens with extraordinary gifts. There is an inher [...]

    6. Steven “Steel” Trapp has it — a mind like a steel trap, that is. His mind has gotten him into a fancy private boarding school, but it’s also getting him into trouble. On move-in day at school his prodigious memory is helping him navigate the campus when Steel happens onto a shady lesson. Steel just thinks it’s cool — a school where you get taught to use blow guns? Bring it on! But he finds out pretty quickly that this was a secret lesson when the students and instructor attempt to ch [...]

    7. My name is Steel. I have an "amazing" ability to remember everything. Everybody seems to know about it, but it's real hard to be normal! Kayleigh and I have noticed some weird things going on at Wynncliff Academy, and I discovered secret tunnels that connect most of the buildings on campus. Four boys have been using them after curfew to meet with one of the teachers. I overheard them talking about an operation and not wanting to get caught. What are they up to? I feel like I'm getting sucked int [...]

    8. I. Love. Friggin'. Steel. Trapp. :DSteel and Kaileigh return in this mysterious and awesome adventure! Steel's father has placed him in a school that is very secluded, and almost from the start of the semester, Steel knows that something about this school is different than others.I enjoyed reading this book. Since Steel and Kaileigh are at a new school, new characters were introduced. And new bad guys. >:D Wicked. Awesome. The book was fun to read, enjoyable(Obviously), and is a favorite(Of c [...]

    9. The Academy is about a boy named Steel who has a photographic memory and he has jus been sent to a bording school by his FBI father. There he meets Kaleigh, a friend from his old life and together they attend to the classes of the school. But Steel starts having suspicions that the bording school is not as it seems. He accidentally stumbles across a teacher teaching a group of kids how to use a blowdart in the gym and the odd number of squeeks made by kids going in and out of the washroom at nig [...]

    10. Ages 10 and up. Steven "Steel" Trapp discovers that there's more to his exclusive boarding school, Wynncliff Academy, than meets the eye. He notices that a lot of the students have unusual skills, like his own photographic memory. He also sees students going into the bathroom--and never coming out. He and his friend Kaleigh discover underground tunnels and mysterious clandestine meetings. Meanwhile, Brian Taddler, a cunning street kid housed in a deteriorating boat house by a modern-day Fagin, i [...]

    11. Steven "Steel" Trapp has been placed in an East Coast boarding school for gifted kids by his FBI agent father. To his surprise, his friend Kaileigh arrives at the school, and it isn't long before the two realize that this is not your normal prep school. There are dark forces at play. Foreign agents may have penetrated the school's secrecy and have sleepers in place: kids spying on future kid spies. Competition and intrigue among the elite faculty threaten security. As Steel and Kaileigh are recr [...]

    12. First off, this book was amazing. I really liked it. If you like suspense and mystery I definitely recommend this book. Steven "Steel" Trapp has photographic memory and can remember anything by only seeing it once. He is sent to Wynncliff Academy by his father. It doesn't take him long to realize that Wynncliff is not a normal school. He and his friend Kaileigh notice strange activities and secret meetings occurring at the school and start to investigate. They are caught spying only to be recrui [...]

    13. This book was better than the first book, definitely, it kept me on my toes, but I did roll my eyes that Kaileigh (still haven't figured out how to pronounce that) used the tactic twice of "hey Steel, let's kiss so that we can avoid being discovered." I'm not going to claim that every book you read is going to be absolutely perfect, so I'm not sure if that would put me off reading it again, but a couple of times it just sounded stupid. I'll also admit that I did get a little confused at the end [...]

    14. My version of this book is called The Academy, but whateverI really liked both of the books in this series, as well as others by Ridley Pearson. However, with this book in particular, I noticed a surprising number of similarities with Cartoon Network's show (Tower Prep). These include:- mysterious bording school- parents who know what's going on, kids who don't but want to find out- a random sport that the main character happens to be perfectly suited for- a girl who can immitate people really w [...]

    15. I liked this one a lot - I actually read it before I read the other Steel Trapp book (whoops!) but that didn't really screw anything up for me. No important secrets that I should have known about beforehand, so it's all good. :D And the way the story about Taddler and the story about Steel and Kaileigh works together, and the way the climax worked, and the whole thing with the secret sneaking around AGH! It was kind of slow to start with, and I'm still not sure how important the games of ga-ga r [...]

    16. I liked this book much better than the first entry in the series. While Steel Trapp, the main character, was still a slightly annoying know-it-all, who should learn the adage, "See Something, Say Something", his exploits at his new private school was a more compelling story than "The Challenge". The improved plot, coupled with the author making the character more likeable by also highlighting the miseries that accompany being the uncool, nerdy underclassmen, made me actually wish there had been [...]

    17. Awesome book about a kid going to a new school. This is a book much about mistery. This new school that he is attending is secret. It does not have an address or zip code it is totally anonymous. In this clandestine school some of the activities that happens are unusual. This kid also have a special gift, he have a spectacular memory he can retain information easily and for a long time. While attending the academy he discovere that hes that is not the man he always thought he was when meet an ol [...]

    18. A fun story for school aged readers.Having gone to school with the author, I can reveal that the physical layout of the school in the novel exactly matches where he spent his high school years. I can't vouch for the geography of the steam tunnels, but wouldn't be surprized if they were accurate too, knowing Ridley.While, as far as I know, none of the staff were recruiting for the CIA, one, who is recognisable in the story, as a teenager helped get Allied fliers out of Nazi occupied Norway. There [...]

    19. This book kinda bugged me a little bit. The pacing was really weird. Like, 75% of the book was Steel trying to figure out what exactly was going on at this boarding school that his parents sent him to. And then the last quarter of the book was where the "meat" was. Very odd. And the ending was to abrupt and curt and left me feeling let-down and unsatisfied.But it didn't totally suck. I think that both boys and girls will enjoy the story.I doubt that I'll pick up the next.

    20. Steve Trapp (Steel) has just entered a new school, an elite academy for gifted children. His friend Kaileigh from The Challenge is there as well. And something mysterious is going on at the school. But what?Definitely not living up to the purpose of the first book. I am not ready to give up on the series, but this book was disjointed and it felt like half the book was left out.

    21. I listened to this on Playaway. I liked the story and characters, but I was less fond of the narrator's voice, though it strangely grew on me as the story went on. I liked the "secret" school within a school aspect of the book, and the way you get different perspectives of the same story by jumping heads (I normally don't like head-jumping, but it worked well in this book). For middle school and up, particularly boys.

    22. This was well written but it had such a bad ending that I couldn't like it. There were a number of parts in this book that I think we're a little uncalled for and so that made it a harder to like as well. I really liked The Challenge and will read the next on if he ever comes out with one but I think The Academy was lacking a lot of worth as far as plot and endings go.

    23. Overall I enjoyed this book. Really liked the secret passageways. I have to admit I was confused by the concept of the game of ga-ga although as the book progressed it made more sense. Some of the plot twists I could see coming, others caught me by surprise. There were a few spots where I found things a little hard to believe (like Verne being at just the right spot at just the right time)

    24. Picked this up not realizing it was the second in a series. I felt that things were explained sufficiently and the story didn't suffer because of my lack of knowledge. A fun premise. Stephen "Steel" Trapp has a photographic memory. This becomes handy at his new private boarding school. He and his friend Kai notice mysterious things happening late at night and start investigating.

    25. Steel and Kaliegh both end up at an exclusive East Coast Academy. However, they soon discaover that things are not as they should be. How are people disappearing from the bathrooms? Why are upperclassmen going to the chapel in the night? And then there is the story of a group of homeless boys who perform "errands" for teh lady who feeds them. This story is interspersed throughout the book.

    26. Steve Trapp is a young teen who has an unusual talent, he has a photographic memory. He doesn't realize that his unique ability will be used in an unexpected way at the East Coast boarding school he is attending. On his first day of school he is pleasantly surprised that an old friend is also going to be attending the school. She happens to also be an attractive redhead.

    27. Children!While the mind set needed to put young people like these as ones who could do and I will say do do you will have a good time reading the adventures of Tom and Becky in the modern day.

    28. This was a fun quick book. I felt like the set up was a little long before you jumped into the action but it was a fun story. I liked the set up for potential future stories but I'm bummed to see there haven't been any more written.

    29. This book was awesome! I absolutely loved it! Packed with adventure, romance, and mystery this book is irrestable and would not allow itself to be put down even for a second. I can't wait for the next book!

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